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Set contents:,  5 cards/1 Booster


Konami Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Duel Monsters



A rich collection of contents, including new cards that enhance the popular themes of the past, and new powerful theme series.
Includes a +1 bonus pack for the first production supply!

1 Pack: 5 pieces
1 box: 30 pack

Card Type: 80 types in all.
Ultra Rare: 8 types
Super Rare: 10 types
Rare: 18 types
Normal: 44 types
The Ultra Rare card also has the Ultimate Rare specifications.
Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards also have secret rare specifications and prismatic secret rare specifications.
There are also holographic rare cards in 1 of 80 cards.

Cyberstorm Access (OCG) Booster

Sales Tax Included |
    • intended for collectors of 14 years of age and above

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