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We aim to make a growing and loving community where Pokemon and other TCGS are most loved. We will be hosting events , competitions and much much more!! Be sure to join and do not miss out!!

Live streams/ Videos and Rip&Ship


Live streams/Rip&Ship

We will be having Live streams of  opening packs or boxes, whatever is available were YOU the viewer are able to purchase during the Live stream and get to see what you packed! Showing it off to the rest of the viewers! 

If YOU pack one of the top 10 most valuable cards in the current opening set on stream you will get a discount on the pack you purchased!  More details will be available soon.

Join our discord were you can join the crazy adventures of playing games, showing off, winning tournys and so much more!


YouTube Videos

On our videos we will be doing pack openings , booster box unboxings and much more ! Ranging from Japanese to English sets of newer/ older releases. This is good way to have an idea what cards are available to pack! 

Note : Booster box / pack hits may vary from person to person.  We will also be doing a casual giveaway here and there so make sure to keep an eye out! 

Follow on TikTok for updates and daily pack openings! Check out what cards we packed PLUS we will be giving away some for free!!

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